How to Be a Supportive Partner During Pregnancy

Here are some of the tips to support your partner during pregnancy.

1. Understanding Your Partner Situation

As a pregnant partner, you should understand how difficult it is for your partner. During pregnancy, the woman is inherently uncomfortable because of the growth of a new baby inside her. She is bloated, has a bump that shines, and is often experiencing sciatica and backaches. Your partner may be wondering where he fits into all of this. He should remember that the new life that is about to be created is yours. During the third trimester, he can even become a better supporter by learning more pregnancy massage techniques.

2. Educate Yourself

As a supportive partner, it is important to educate yourself about your partner’s pregnancy. You should understand that your partner is going through physical changes during pregnancy. This can be stressful, so it is important to be able to give your partner some time and space to cope. While this may seem like a big task, it is important to remember that pregnancy is a team effort and that your needs are important as well.

3. Be Supportive

Being supportive is essential. This means being willing to go out of your way to buy her strange foods and listen to her needs. You should be supportive of her healthy lifestyle and dietary choices. Your partner may have different preferences, but it is important to understand her feelings and be proactive in supporting her. You can also talk to her OB/GYN about the importance of communicating with her. If you have no idea how to do that, consider asking your partner for advice.

4. Keep Open Communication

When you are trying to be a supportive partner, you should keep your communication open. Women often get sick and have to deal with all kinds of emotions. You can be supportive and offer to run to the store to pick up some medicine. If your partner is feeling ill, offer to run to the store for her. You should also give her space so she can rest. If she gets tired or feels sick, try to be there for her.

5. Be Available

You can attend your partner’s appointments, as well as her doctor’s appointments. By accompanying her to medical appointments, you can bridge the gap between the two of you. Moreover, you can be present during the doctor’s visit. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and make informed decisions. Your presence will make her feel safe and comfortable. If your partner is pregnant, she will need your attention and understanding.

6. Be Patient with Partner

It is important to be patient with your partner. Your partner will experience many changes during pregnancy. You may feel frightened at times. A lot of your concerns will be similar to hers. You will want to make sure your partner is comfortable with the changes that will happen in her body. When you are in a relationship, you need to listen to each other. Discuss how you feel and how it affects you. You need your partner to be able to cope with the changes.

7. Learn to Love Partner’s Belly

As a partner, learn to love your partner’s belly. This is one way to show your commitment to your partner. Touching her belly will make you feel closer to her baby. You can also talk to her baby through her belly. You can even put your hands over her belly and hug her from behind. This way, you can touch her belly and tell her how beautiful she looks.

8. Give Your Partner proper Time

Your partner will need time to recharge. You can help her sleep by laying next to her and reading a book. Your partner may also need time to talk to you or to listen to your concerns. He or she may be struggling to sleep because of all the changes in her body. During the day, you can help your partner relax by taking some time for both of you. Besides, it will help her to bond with the baby.

9. Listen to Your Partner

Talk to your partner about what is bothering him or her. It is important to listen to what she has to say. If she has any concerns, make them feel heard and validated. As a supporter, you should be supportive during the first nine months of pregnancy. And if you can’t relate to her feelings, talk to a professional. If you can’t find the answers to her questions, you should look for resources online.


You can be a supportive partner during pregnancy if you understand your partner’s situation well, educate yourself about partner pregnancy, support your partner in each possible way, keep open communication with her, always be available for your partner when she needs you the most, and always patient with a partner. You must learn to love your partner’s belly, give her proper time and listen to her what she has to say.


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